40kg Sectional door side extension spring

$95.00 ($82.61 EX GST)


690mm long spring, with 40kg bearing weight, for side sprung sectional garage doors, up to 2250mm high.

Side springs are sold individually. Two side springs are required for each door – divide the total weight of the door by 2 to find the required bearing weight of each spring. For doors larger than 2250mm high, please see our 1600mm long side springs of the appropriate bearing weight.

If you are replacing your own springs, to calculate which bearing weight you require on an existing door, it is easiest to check the diameter and wire thickness of the current spring. This should give you a good enough estimation of the new spring you need, however, it is best to contact a professional if you are unsure as the wrong spring could be potentially disastrous.

  • Length (eye to eye) = 690mm
  • Bearing weight = 40kgs
  • Wire thickness = 3.5mm
  • Spring diameter = 31.5mm