Stick on mohair door seal ( Sold per Meter )

$7.00 ($6.09 EX GST)


Sold per meter.


Sticky Mohair Door Seal is designed for use around the frame of garage door openings, particularly on residential properties, to prevent the door from touching the framing and therefore getting scratched, as well as sealing the door from wind draught and rain.

Our sticky mohair comes with a peel-off-stick-on backing, making it easy to attach to your framing, and allows you to attach the mohair to a much wider range of surfaces. However, sticky mohair can lose its ‘stickiness’ over time, so it is advised that staples are used as well to attach to framing, if possible.

To work out how much seal you will need, measure the exact length of the sides and top of your framing, and add an extra 50cm or so so you have a little extra in case.
*Please note colour of product may vary from photo due to availability. (Black & Grey are our 2 stocked colours )