Deluxe aluminium extrusion seal carrier. 5.4m Length

$87.13 ($75.77 EX GST)


Sold as 5.400m length. – Pickup ex workshop only.
‘Deluxe’ Aluminium Extrusion Seal Carrier for the Deluxe Bottom Weatherseal. The seal closes off the base of your door of when it is down, preventing wind, rain, birds, and vermin from getting into your garage/premises.

The Deluxe Seal Carrier is suitable for use on residential, commercial, and industrial sectional garage doors and certain other garage doors. This seal is generally screwed into the base of your door with short metal screws. Some special doors may have different specifications as to how/where the door seal carrier is applied. Use a light lubricant – such as WD40 or CRC – to slide the seal into the carrier.